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“One of the 5 best hot products for 2018”
“…Speakase packs the power of large-scale quality speakers into a water-resistant, lightweight, shock-absorbent suitcase, turning any terminal and hotel room into a VIP event” Full Review Here

A speaker and cabinet that travel
"The design kills two birds with one stone. Just pack up your suitcase like normal, then close it up and travel, knowing that you can break out some loud tunes anywhere you want. The party doesn’t start until you arrive.“ Full review here  

“As a standalone unit the sound quality is excellent, clear and airy but with a good punch of clean bass…popping the unit into its suitcase brings it totally alive.  It sounds like a proper hifi…to me this is a no brainer.” Full review here

"…The portable speaker was designed to operate on its own, but also in tandem with the suitcase… It slides into the front of the suitcase… The speaker then works as a driver, using the internal volume of the Speakase as a cabinet, or boxed enclosure. When used this way…the result … a more powerful bass and “big, lifelike sound. Full review here

“The Nomadic Audio is two things in one. …It’s an APTX Hi-End portable Bluetooth speaker for travelling audiophiles…dock the speaker in the Speakase / carry-on suitcase and the acoustic box turns into a massively powerful big box speaker." Full review here

"The ultimate high-end portable speaker for music enthusiasts? A traveling case that allows taking the party anywhere? A great acoustic engineering design? The Nomadic Audio Speakase is all that and more." "It's the science and acoustics of big brand luxury speakers paired with the innovation of the modern traveler. Plus, we don't have to empty it to play music, it works just as well fully packed… this is a valuable package, allowing to take quality sound literally anywhere, and travel in style."Full review here Full review here

“The Noamdic Audio is two things in one. …It’s an APTX Hi-End portable Bluetooth speaker for travelling audiophiles…dock the speaker in the Speakase / carry-on suitcase and the acoustic box turns into a massively powerful big box speaker." Full review here

"…the Nomadic Audio Speakase, which packs a Bluetooth speaker into a “water resistant, lightweight, shock-absorbent” carry-on suitcase....Designed for jet-setters… it could…be a gadget you never knew you needed until now." Full review here

"...if you're interested in premium-feeling luggage with a premium-sounding portable speaker, Nomadic Audio nailed it." Full review here

“Don’t be without your beats when traveling” one of the 15 carry-on bags that makes flying a breeze. Full review here

Nomadic Audio Speakase: The unique music case
"This product is a combination of portable speakers and travel cases, to bring convenience and enjoyment for users, especially. Especially those who move frequently." Full review here

"The product is comprised of two separate items that can work in tandem: a speaker called Nomadic and the suitcase companion called Speakase." Full review here

"Nomadic Bluetooth speaker and suitcase
Decisions, decisions. Do you pack a portable Bluetooth speaker, with 6” x 4” woofers and two 19mm tweeters, 20-hours battery life and high-end sound in your suitcase or not? Would it make that decision any easier if you knew the speaker could actually slot into your luxury suitcase, combining to form a, well, suitcase-sized boom box for your travels? Decision made!" Full review here

"More original, the high-end Hi-Fi brand Morel proposed with Nomadic Audio a cabin bag incorporating a Bluetooth speaker" Full review here

"It's about a cabin bag where you can attach the Bluetooth speaker into your suitcase and this will then work like a kind of boombox. This will then provide a fuller and more live sound…" Full review here

"Audiophiles searching for a Bluetooth portable speaker designed for travelling, may be interested in the new portable speaker system created by Nomadic Audio that offers sound boosted by an acoustic suitcase." Full review here

"…remarkable was the travel case on wheels with built-in music player….Hi-fi for the journey." Full review here

"Nomadic Audio: the handbaggage that has also placed for yourmusic... a suitcase hosting a high quality Bluetooth audio speaker …" "The speaker can work in stand-alone mode or in the suitcase occupying only 4% of the available space. The innovativeness lies in the fact that in the second case the suitcase acts as a driver for the speaker, the internal volume of it is used to significantly improve the sound quality." Full review here

The portable speaker was designed to work alone, but also in conjunction with the suitcase. It slides in the front of the suitcase folding the legs of the speaker, which also deactivates the manipulation of digital sound…. As for the Speakase suitcase, it is comparable to what you would expect from most high-end rigid suitcases on the market."

"The speaker component has a built-in power charger that can be accessed from the front of the suitcase, and since it is easily removable, there should be no problems with compliance with the TSA." Full review here

"The goal is not only to make suitcase a fashion but to combine a trip with an experience. Whether you are on a winter trip, you can be calm because this system is protected from water and until a trip to lodge…music will never be a miss" Full review here